Miserable Sex and the City

OK, I admit it. I was one of those gals that went to a series-finale-of-Sex-and-the-City party. There were lots of single gals there, who loved the show. And we drank lots cosmopolitan martinis, tried to talk frankly about sex, and tried to wear the funkiest things we had in our closets. Needless to say, I really was looking forward to series finale of Sex and the City, and was really disappointed by the ending…

I was not disappointed because the series ended, but the way it ended. There was so little of the show I fell in love with on the screen that evening. And it was especially disappointing because just before the finale, we watched the interviews with the cast and the crew, and the clip job of past seasons. We were reminded why we all liked the show–all the outrageous conversations that the four women had, all the men that they had been with and then had to let go for various reasons, all those designer gowns…. There was so much build up, but it all went down the drain at the last episode unraveled.
OK, I’ll give them that –the designer gowns were still there. The problem was that the men did not go away. The show was supposed to be about independent women. Women who know what they want, and who do not need a man to support them in anything. Women who are friends, and if ever push came to shove they had each other. Except this time they didn’t have each other until the last two minutes of the show. There was no support system. There were no quirky remarks made by Samantha that make everyone blush. No, the show turned into an episode of 30 something. The season finale was about couples with problems and these problems either got easier to deal with or magically got solved at the end. BTW, their so-called independence got thrown outta the way.

What kind of a message does that send to all us single gals? Do we really need a man to be complete in life? Why couldn’t Carrie move on with her life without meeting Mr. Big in Paris? And for that matter why did Baryshnikov’s character needed to slap her? Couldn’t he be just a guy who is too involved with his work without resorting to physical violence? Why couldn’t Samantha be happy with herself? Did she really need to hear “I love you” from her “boy-toy” to be sexually happy again? Why did that Charlotte/baby thing had to be resolved so magically? And why did Miranda had to “misplace” her mother-in-law in order for her to be kinder to the old lady?

There are so many more questions that I have to the creators of the show. There is so much frustration in all these questions. What bothers me the most is that I don’t think I want to see the re-runs of the show again. With an ending like that, the entire show’s philosophy and universe fall apart. And I know for a fact that if they come up with a movie spin off, I am not going to watch it. Why? What’s the point? I don’t want to feel cheated by these characters again.

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