Turns out that show really did have Two and a Half Men. As much as I dislike the little pudgy kid who just kept getting pudgier over the years, it’s Charlie Sheen who turned out to be a half a man in the end. His recent comments on Alex Jones show got the entire show production stopped, and immediately. Here’s more information:

It’s unfortunate, really, because the show did have elements of brilliance – now and then. It was terribly formulaic, but here’s the kicker – through all that familiar math, you would sometimes see a glimpse of good, classic comedy gold. But I don’t want to focus on the show itself – best-rated only means that – a lot of people watch it. It doesn’t qualify as ‘good’ or ‘acclaimed’, or ‘timeless’. It just means popular. I guess that popularity caused high ratings, massive budget, generous salaries, kid gloves for the actors, and ultimately, one of the actors completely losing his cool, respect, professionalism, and hopefully, any possibility of a career. Charlie Sheen has blew it.

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