Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)

If I could sum it up in one comment, I can say that it’s not a ‘reasonable’ movie. This sequel to the first Bridget Jones is, for the most part, a re-hash of the original Bridget formula but made to look different. Those who saw Bridget Jones’ Diary can easily spot the similarities between the two.

But there one major difference between the two, and it’s not positive for the second Bridget movie. The first movie showed Bridget as clumsy and accident-prone, but very intelligent too. That’s what made the character of Bridget engaging and, at the time, classify Bridget as ‘Everywoman’. In the second, Bridget is less intelligent and very ditzy in her thinking and talking. Very often she embarrasses herself and others. It’s like whoever did the script for the sequel didn’t take into account the intelligence of the first. I was very disappointed.

***MINOR SPOILER***One other thing is when Bridget gets jailed in Thailand and she’s in an all-female cell. They first get talking with Bridget and then they lead on to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”. All of a sudden, all the girls in the cell sing “Like A Virgin”. After seeing that, it caused me to hate the song for a couple of weeks. Since I saw that scene, my favorite Madonna song is now “Like A Prayer”.

If there is one good thing, it’s that the acting is still good. Zellweger was good being back in her role, despite the script making it weaker. First was also good. Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones were still good as her parents.

Overall, all I can say is I was let down by this Bridget Jones sequel. It lacked originality and intelligence and just was not as enjoyable as the first. I was just embarrassed to be in the theater when I saw it.  I give it two stars out of four.

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