2010 Emmy Award Winners – Mad, Modern, Gleeful

Here’s an incomplete list of Sunday night winners of the 62nd Emmy Awards. A lot of new shows got the prize, a lot of regulars/favorites are walking away empty-handed. The time is right for new kids to get the spotlight – Glee, Mad Men (ok, they have been noticed before), Breaking Bad, The Pacific, The Good Wife, Modern Family. All fresh ideas, all deserving the statue. Looking forward to the new seasons of these fantastic shows. You should check them out.

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WGA strike update – affected shows

The writers’ strike is beginning to affect the current shows. There are the basics – November is normally a sweeps month, so most of the shows have many episodes in the bank, already written and completed. Because December and January are typically slow – holidays and reruns – a few networks complete at least half of the season before the end of November. In other words, these shows can have enough new episodes to last into February. Many new shows still don’t have a full-season order, therefore, no new shows scripted or produces, and they are going to run out of new shows pretty soon. Here’s the tally so far, across the networks. We fully support the writers, but take a look at this list and beware – your faves are going into reruns pretty quickly. You may not notice it over the holiday season, but come January – you might as well start going to sports arenas and opera houses.
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Rescue Me (Tuesdays on FX)

After two breathtaking seasons, Rescue Me is back on FX. If you missed it, or dismissed it as a one-note firefighter drama, you missed out. You have no excuse – tune in every Tuesday and you won’t regret it. Rescue me is about a team of firefighters, dealing with all kinds of crap in their personal lives. It’s not the sugar-coated stuff of Alias, or the politically-correct morals of The Unit. This is the real deal – people who play with life and death on daily basis, unable to cope with their own lives – drinking, abuse, separations, infidelity, gambling, mortgages, extended family, drugs… Each and every firefighter in the show has his own tragic story, and deals with it on is own terms, or with the help of a friend – not always successful, not even rational sometimes. What sets this show apart is its realism – from language to how they relate to each other – these are people you know, people who are surrounded by stress all day, and then some – at home.
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Rescue Me Premiere (FX)

FX network is bringing back one of its best shows of 2004. Dennis Leary has been trying to get a regular TV gig for quite some time. This time, I think he’s here to stay. A brutally honest, in-your-face drama about NYC firefighters in a post-9/11 world, where being a public hero is a weight not everyone can bear. Personal demons, workplace conflicts, and family complications make this job an needed escape, even though the job itself entails facing death every day.

This show came out of nowhere in 2004, got a couple of reruns on FX later in the fall (it only had 12 episodes), and finally was picked up for a second season. It’s very similar to Leary’s last project – “The Job”, which ironically, lasted for two seasons at ABC. Remember those golden ABC days when every show was given a matter of weeks before it was dumped into trash? Well, even though Leary lasted two seasons, I guess it was not to be at a squeaky-clean network. “The Job” was about the harsh realities of NY cops – dealing with dysfunctional families, walking the line of crime world, facing death, and escaping into work, even if it could be your last day. Sounds familiar?
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