National Treasure (2004)

So I went to see National Treasure today. Why so late – two weeks after it opened? No, my decision had nothing to do with the fact the movie stayed on top of the box office for 2 straight weekends (and possibly will stick around a bit more). I really wanted to see this flick ever since I saw the trailer – which was very recently. In fact, if you think about it, the movie kinda crept under the radar, and boom – big promotion, talk shows, loud trailers, which is all very typical of Bruckheimer. And, before you turn your nose, please remember that while Jerry Bruckheimer has delivered us some stinkers, he’s also been involved with some great movies and TV shows, and I believe, Nicolas Cage has chosen very well this time.

National Treasure is being compared to Mummy and Indiana Jones. I like both franchises, and would feel very protective of anyone trying to cash in on them, or even worse, bring them down by creating an ugly sibling. I went into the theater expecting an admirable homage, but being very worried about a good thing that will any minute turn out boring and plain dumb. I was surprised. First of all – the movie is not like the two big franchises mentioned above. Maybe in spirit, but definitely not in execution. There are parallels, but they are so far away from the originals (and quite far from the last adventure genre fiasco – Tomb Raider), that you cannot think of the movie as homage. It has its own universe, its characters, and as you may have guessed it, an open ending that will result in a sequel.
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Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)

If I could sum it up in one comment, I can say that it’s not a ‘reasonable’ movie. This sequel to the first Bridget Jones is, for the most part, a re-hash of the original Bridget formula but made to look different. Those who saw Bridget Jones’ Diary can easily spot the similarities between the two.

But there one major difference between the two, and it’s not positive for the second Bridget movie. The first movie showed Bridget as clumsy and accident-prone, but very intelligent too. That’s what made the character of Bridget engaging and, at the time, classify Bridget as ‘Everywoman’. In the second, Bridget is less intelligent and very ditzy in her thinking and talking. Very often she embarrasses herself and others. It’s like whoever did the script for the sequel didn’t take into account the intelligence of the first. I was very disappointed. Continue reading “Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)”