Superman is Dead (1952-2004)

Christopher Reeve is dead at the age of 52. Most of you know him as Superman, and recently, the “guy who fell of the horse, got paralyzed, and is getting all the media attention”. However, he was also in Noises Off, Speechless, Somewhere in Time, The Bostonians, Remains of the Day, and many made-for-TV movies. Sure, playing Superman made Reeve popular and easy-to-recognize, but it was the smaller films, and his campaigning for embryonic stem cell research that made him a good person, and a fascinating actor. It was a shame you were popular for your less demanding roles, and it was a shame you ended up in that wheelchair. We are forever grateful for your involvement in stem cell research, and we will miss you. Check out the movie clip of “Noises Off”

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