Frasier – Scrambled Eggs All Over

It’s nice to see Frasier is back in action, and showing its original quirkiness.

For anyone, who still watches Frasier (Tuesdays, at 9 pm, on NBC), the show has been on autopilot for the last couple of seasons, and it wasn’t even heading anywhere good. Ever since Niles and Daphne have gotten together (yippee), the quality of the writing has gone down, and stayed that way. This has affected the entire cast, since the writing was all about the characters, and little about the situations they’re in.

Even Frasier and Rose had a fling for a few episodes – how low was that in terms of comedy writing? Eddie’s been reduced to a sight-gag, even though in the earlier years, there were a few inside jokes about that dog. And Marty vs. Daphne dynamic has become nothing but insult exchange.

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Friends – Rachel and Ross

Once upon a time, Rachel and Ross were the talk of tinseltown. They even had a baby together. But a season or two ago, something weird began to happen. Joey fell in love with Rachel.

It’s kinda funny how all the girls of Friends at one point or another have hit on Joe. I mean in the pilot when he just moved in Monica basically threw herself on him. And I clearly remember that Phoebe had her heart set of Joey as her “back up”, if she doesn’t marry by age of forty or some idiotic nonsense like that. Poor Joe. Must be tough being him. Continue reading “Friends – Rachel and Ross”

John Ritter, 54, passed away

John Ritter, the funny man who’s known to older audiences as Jack Tripper from the 70’s sitcom Three’s Company, and who recently resurfaced in ABC’s new hit show 8 Simple Rules has died on Thursday, September 11th.

Why is it that the good ones die young, and the lousy ones live forever? OK, I’m not going to equate Ritter with the masters of comedy, and I’m not about to start praising every little thing he ever did. He was no king of comedy. But the guy was funny.
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