Friends – Rachel and Ross

Once upon a time, Rachel and Ross were the talk of tinseltown. They even had a baby together. But a season or two ago, something weird began to happen. Joey fell in love with Rachel.

It’s kinda funny how all the girls of Friends at one point or another have hit on Joe. I mean in the pilot when he just moved in Monica basically threw herself on him. And I clearly remember that Phoebe had her heart set of Joey as her “back up”, if she doesn’t marry by age of forty or some idiotic nonsense like that. Poor Joe. Must be tough being him.

Now we all know that this thing with Joey and Rachel is not going to last because she didn’t get signed on for a new sitcom in 2004, but Joey did. The plot of Friends is so transparent I think I can predict the entire last season.

Here we go: We all know that Monica and Chandler are getting a kid adopted. There will be an episode or two about how hard it is to adopt, but in the end someone will come through for this barren couple, and all will be well.

Phoebe is getting married. We’ve all seen the stuffy family that her fiance has, so I am pretty sure there will be a couple of episodes where the planning of the wedding will go horribly wrong, because of Phoebe’s wackiness or her because of her future in-laws. But again, in the end all will be well, and they’ll get married and live happily ever after.

Oh, and whatever will happen with Ross and Rachel? Mark my words by the end of the season those two kids will be together again. There will be at least five or six episodes slotted for that fiasco. Because let’s face it Rachel won’t move to Hollywood, and Joey will have to. After all she can’t leave her cushy job at Holt Renfrew. And she can’t take Emma away from Ross.

Of coarse there will have to be a number of holiday episodes, clip-jobs, where nothing really happens, and everyone involved just acts silly. And there has to be an hour-long finale, where we bid them all a tearful farewell, except for Joey who will have come back next season. But I think we will cry for him too. I can just see the scene now. Joe looks back at all his friends as they wave good-bye from a train/plane/bus platform. He smiles a smirk, and walks out off the camera. There you have it. End of the Friends as we know them.

Everyone gets to live happily ever after. It’s all so sweet–I might have to wash it down with something stronger. Excuse me. I am off to a local bar to do just that.

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