On the Lot (FOX)

Anyone caught this show yet? This is a reality show – and I know how rarely these are mentioned on the site. Still, looks like it could be worth our time. Plus, FOX is being very smart about it – they are launching it in summer – best time to get people hooked on weaker material. Yes, I strongly believe that reality television is substandard, cheap entertainment. But … it is entertainment. Here’s the premise.

A bunch of young, green filmmakers are put through production hell and one emerges with a contract with DreamWorks. Why is this not running on NBC this summer is beyond me. FOX can go far with this idea. With enough of short films and unusual production situations, this can be a good reality show, with legs and returning champions. I’m watching it – at least for the next little while.

on FOX, at least 2 times a week. Check your local schedule, and vote for the best films.

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