Greg Giraldo – RIP, you funny bastard

If you followed the news, Greg Giraldo overdosed last weekend, and has been in a New Jersey hospital since then. Earlier today, a tweet from Jim Norton informed us that Greg has died. Not a joke, not another black humour stab, this one was sadly for real. It immediately got confirmed, and the condolences have been pouring in. Who is Greg Giraldo? He’s a comedian you wish you saw live, on stage. Continue reading “Greg Giraldo – RIP, you funny bastard”

2010 Emmy Award Winners – Mad, Modern, Gleeful

Here’s an incomplete list of Sunday night winners of the 62nd Emmy Awards. A lot of new shows got the prize, a lot of regulars/favorites are walking away empty-handed. The time is right for new kids to get the spotlight – Glee, Mad Men (ok, they have been noticed before), Breaking Bad, The Pacific, The Good Wife, Modern Family. All fresh ideas, all deserving the statue. Looking forward to the new seasons of these fantastic shows. You should check them out.

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On the Lot (FOX)

Anyone caught this show yet? This is a reality show – and I know how rarely these are mentioned on the site. Still, looks like it could be worth our time. Plus, FOX is being very smart about it – they are launching it in summer – best time to get people hooked on weaker material. Yes, I strongly believe that reality television is substandard, cheap entertainment. But … it is entertainment. Here’s the premise.
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CBS premiere dates 06-07

It was only a matter of time before Survivor tackled Cook islands – a few truly untouched places on earth. Let’s bring in American faux-celebs, and camera crews. And, to no one’s surprise, Two and a Half Men is still on schedule, despite being the most overrated sitcoms of the last decade (besides Yes, Dear). Other than these two shows, I have no problems with CBS new lineup. All the CSIs are good entertainment, Numb3rs and Criminal Minds are gaining in popularity; The Unit is a good military drama; and of course there’s How I Met Your Mother and Old Christine. Also new this year – Shark, Smith, The Class and Jericho. Stay tuned for show reviews.
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Renewed or Cancelled – 2005

Hey, it’s that time of the year again. Some shows are canned, many are officially renewed, and some – are bound to exist in between for a few weeks or months, while the ratings/costs/revenues are being mulled by the corporate big wigs. Is your favourite show going to come back in the fall? Take a look at the survivors of 2004-2005 TV season. Continue reading “Renewed or Cancelled – 2005”