Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Jim Carrey in yet another serious role? Kirsten Dunst in a dramatic turn? A film with no specific narrative, and no standard timeline? You probably think that it’s one of those “art” movies that are going to go over your head, have all the critics salivate for a few months, get a few awards and be forgotten. You might be wrong.

What a movie! What a script! Regardless of how much money this flick will make at the box office, it’s one great achievement. And, to make things even more interesting, let me tell you right away, this is a very “accessible” movie. Not dumbed down, but rather, presented in such a way that you can view it as a love story, or as a study of human nature’s futility. The movie works on many levels, and you’re not required to “get” everything in order to come out of the theater feeling satisfied and entertained.
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Miserable Sex and the City

OK, I admit it. I was one of those gals that went to a series-finale-of-Sex-and-the-City party. There were lots of single gals there, who loved the show. And we drank lots cosmopolitan martinis, tried to talk frankly about sex, and tried to wear the funkiest things we had in our closets. Needless to say, I really was looking forward to series finale of Sex and the City, and was really disappointed by the ending…

I was not disappointed because the series ended, but the way it ended. There was so little of the show I fell in love with on the screen that evening. And it was especially disappointing because just before the finale, we watched the interviews with the cast and the crew, and the clip job of past seasons. We were reminded why we all liked the show–all the outrageous conversations that the four women had, all the men that they had been with and then had to let go for various reasons, all those designer gowns…. There was so much build up, but it all went down the drain at the last episode unraveled.
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Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)

If I could sum it up in one comment, I can say that it’s not a ‘reasonable’ movie. This sequel to the first Bridget Jones is, for the most part, a re-hash of the original Bridget formula but made to look different. Those who saw Bridget Jones’ Diary can easily spot the similarities between the two.

But there one major difference between the two, and it’s not positive for the second Bridget movie. The first movie showed Bridget as clumsy and accident-prone, but very intelligent too. That’s what made the character of Bridget engaging and, at the time, classify Bridget as ‘Everywoman’. In the second, Bridget is less intelligent and very ditzy in her thinking and talking. Very often she embarrasses herself and others. It’s like whoever did the script for the sequel didn’t take into account the intelligence of the first. I was very disappointed. Continue reading “Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)”

Why does everybody love Raymond?

I have a friend. Let’s call him Bob. Bob is a single male who comes from an Anglo-Saxon/Austrian background and he hates Everybody Loves Raymond. Then again he didn’t get My Big Fat Greek Wedding either. I understand why.

He sees nothing in common with these people. He never had to deal with “the guilt” or “you look so pale, eat something” comments. He never had to balance kids, work, home, parents, and in-laws. He doesn’t get why every other show Raymond (Ray Romano) begs for sex and it’s funny. Or Marie (Doris Roberts) insults Debra’s (Patricia Heaton’s) cooking and Debra looks past it as if she didn’t hear it. He doesn’t hear his own voice of reason when Debra speaks. He doesn’t see his own siblings in Robert’s (Brad Garrett’s) constant struggle for approval. Bob doesn’t understand Frank’s (Peter Boyle’s) acidic remarks. And he won’t.

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Frasier – Scrambled Eggs All Over

It’s nice to see Frasier is back in action, and showing its original quirkiness.

For anyone, who still watches Frasier (Tuesdays, at 9 pm, on NBC), the show has been on autopilot for the last couple of seasons, and it wasn’t even heading anywhere good. Ever since Niles and Daphne have gotten together (yippee), the quality of the writing has gone down, and stayed that way. This has affected the entire cast, since the writing was all about the characters, and little about the situations they’re in.

Even Frasier and Rose had a fling for a few episodes – how low was that in terms of comedy writing? Eddie’s been reduced to a sight-gag, even though in the earlier years, there were a few inside jokes about that dog. And Marty vs. Daphne dynamic has become nothing but insult exchange.

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Friends – Rachel and Ross

Once upon a time, Rachel and Ross were the talk of tinseltown. They even had a baby together. But a season or two ago, something weird began to happen. Joey fell in love with Rachel.

It’s kinda funny how all the girls of Friends at one point or another have hit on Joe. I mean in the pilot when he just moved in Monica basically threw herself on him. And I clearly remember that Phoebe had her heart set of Joey as her “back up”, if she doesn’t marry by age of forty or some idiotic nonsense like that. Poor Joe. Must be tough being him. Continue reading “Friends – Rachel and Ross”

John Ritter, 54, passed away

John Ritter, the funny man who’s known to older audiences as Jack Tripper from the 70’s sitcom Three’s Company, and who recently resurfaced in ABC’s new hit show 8 Simple Rules has died on Thursday, September 11th.

Why is it that the good ones die young, and the lousy ones live forever? OK, I’m not going to equate Ritter with the masters of comedy, and I’m not about to start praising every little thing he ever did. He was no king of comedy. But the guy was funny.
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